In anticipation of Mother's Day, students at Sharda World School came together to plan heartwarming activities to celebrate the special women in their lives.

Under the theme of embracing the elements, the students organised two unique activities aimed at fostering creativity and appreciation for their mothers.

The first activity, dubbed the "Earth and Water Element Activity: Photo Frame Making," invited students to bring a photograph of their mothers from home. Armed with stationery supplies, they channelled their artistic talents to craft beautiful and personalised photo frames. This hands-on approach not only allowed students to express their love for their mothers but also provided an opportunity for them to showcase their creativity.

For the "Air and Fire Element Activity: Handkerchief Painting," students brought plain white handkerchiefs from home. Using vibrant watercolors, they painted either the initials of their mothers or created intricate designs symbolising their bond. This activity was a colourful and meaningful tribute to the unconditional love and support provided by mothers.

This collaborative effort highlighted the importance of family and the power of creativity in fostering meaningful connections.