The Upper Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony held on 16th, March 2024, at Sharda World School, was a heartwarming celebration marking a significant milestone in the journey of our young learners. The event not only highlighted the achievements and growth of the students but also served as a memorable transition as they move forward in their educational endeavors.


The event was graced by the presence of Dr. Garima Yadav the school Advisor, who was the guest of Honour and Mr. Gaurav Sonbhadra, the Manager of the school. Their presence added prestige and significance to the celebrations.


The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome extended to the Chief Guest Ms Laura Lemnin, a distinguished educator from Finland. Ms. Lemnin’s address underscored the vital role of early childhood education, she applauded the accomplishments of the graduating class and inspired all present with her insights in the child centered Finnish curriculum being adopted at Sharda world school.


 Following this, the ceremonial lighting of lamp and the enchanting Saraswati vandana dance  was performed by the students which added a touch of reverence and cultural richness to the event.


The Head of the school Mr. Shadeep Kumar Adhikari in his address congratulated the students for achieving a significant milestone in their educational journey. He said it was a celebration of how far the kindergarten graduates had come and also an incredible new beginning  to the bright future that lay ahead. He shared the vision for the future of the students at the school. It resonated with the parents as he emphasized on fostering critical thinking, creativity and adaptability. It reaffirmed in the parents the trust in the school’s ability to prepare the students for a bright future and greater successes.



To infuse the atmosphere with excitement and fun, engaging games were organized, providing an opportunity for the children to bond with their parents. Laughter and camaraderie filled the air as families participated enthusiastically.


Every student was then honored with a graduation certificate, signifying the successful completion of the kindergarten program and their preparedness for elementary school.


Mr Gaurav Sonbhadra, in his speech fondly reminisced about his own experience as a kindergarten student. He shared how those early years created a passion in him for lifelong learning and emphasized the importance of nurturing and supportive environments for young children to thrive in.


The highlight of the event was a captivating performance of the young children, who graced the stage with their melodious graduation song, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Parents attended in large numbers, radiating joy and pride as they witnessed their children’s achievements, fostering a supportive and nurturing environment.


The ceremony ended with a group photograph to capture the moment in time, a collective pride of students, parents and educators. Parents shared their joy and gratitude for their partnership with Sharda World School for providing a learning environment which fostered lifelong learning and curiosity. Some shared anecdotes and heartfelt sentiment, for the bonds that they created with the school community.


In his vote of thanks the Principal Dr. Shiv Tiwari eloquently shared how these milestones are not a marker in a child’s life but also in a parent’s life. He thanked the organizers, volunteers and acknowledged the hard work of the teaching staff for their tireless effort in making the event a great success. Furthermore, he thanked the chief guest Ms. Laura Lemanin for her presence and her inspiring words which added immense value to the event.


The parents also took a tour of the Cambridge Block and witnessed various cutting-edge technology and resources available in the school such as artificial intelligence lab, Clay canvas studio, Step and Learn. The tour showcased the school’s commitment to providing a dynamic and enriching educational environment.


After, the tour the parents were invited to a high tea where they mingled with administrators, teachers and other fellow parents.

Over all the event was a great success. It marked the ending of one chapter but symbolizing the beginning of many more to come in the future.


The entire ceremony was organised under the supervision of Honorable Advisor Ma'am Dr Garima Yadav, Manager of the School Mr Gaurav Sonbhadra, Head of the School Mr Shadeep Adhikari, Principal Dr Shiv Kumar Tiwari and Vice Principal Mrs Neena Rathore.