In a bid to enhance the educational experience and foster an engaging learning environment, Ms. Aarti Khurana, the Cambridge Principal of Sharda World School, led a highly insightful workshop on Activity-Based Learning (ABL) for the school's teachers. The workshop, aimed to equip educators with innovative teaching methodologies that focus on student-centred learning.

Ms. Khurana, known for her progressive approach to education, emphasised the importance of ABL in developing critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills among students. She highlighted that traditional rote learning methods often fail to engage students effectively, whereas ABL encourages active participation and hands-on experiences, making learning more meaningful and enjoyable.

The workshop covered various aspects of Activity-Based Learning, including:

1. Interactive Activities: Teachers were introduced to a range of interactive activities designed to make lessons more engaging. Ms. Khurana demonstrated how simple, everyday materials could be used to create dynamic learning experiences.

2. Collaborative Learning: Emphasising the importance of teamwork, the workshop included group activities that promote collaboration among students. Teachers learned strategies to facilitate group discussions, projects, and peer assessments.

3. Real-World Applications: Ms. Khurana showcased how ABL connects classroom learning to real-world scenarios, helping students understand the practical applications of their knowledge. This approach not only enhances comprehension but also prepares students for future challenges.

4. Assessment Techniques: Innovative assessment methods were discussed, focusing on continuous and comprehensive evaluation rather than traditional exams. These techniques help in monitoring student progress and understanding individual learning needs.

5. Inclusive Education: The workshop also addressed the importance of inclusivity in ABL. Ms. Khurana provided insights into adapting activities to cater to diverse learning styles and abilities, ensuring that every student benefits from this approach.

Teachers participated enthusiastically in the workshop, engaging in hands-on activities and discussions. Many expressed their excitement about implementing these new techniques in their classrooms.

Ms. Khurana concluded the session by reiterating the long-term benefits of Activity-Based Learning.
The workshop marks a significant step towards transforming the educational landscape at Sharda World School, aligning with the institution's commitment to providing quality education through innovative teaching practices.