Date: 20th May, 2024  

Sharda World School commenced its eagerly awaited Summer Camp on the 20th of May, 2024, with an auspicious morning assembly and inauguration ceremony. The event began at 7:30 AM with Saraswati Vandana, invoking blessings for wisdom and success, performed by Advisor Dr. Garima Yadav and Principal Dr. S.K. Tiwari.

Morning Activities
The inaugural session set a positive tone for the day, with students and faculty participating in a harmonious start to the camp. 

Sports Session 
Following the inauguration, students engaged in a series of sports activities, designed to enhance physical fitness and skill development:
Badminton: Students warmed up and received a demonstration on the proper technique for holding the racket.
Cricket: Participants engaged in a warm-up session followed by jogging to build endurance.
Football: The session included warm-up exercises and jogging to enhance stamina.
Archery: Students practised handling bows, focusing on precision and control.
Table Tennis: Emphasis was placed on practising service and understanding the fundamental rules of the game.
Basketball: Students learned and practised dribbling techniques.

Brunch Break 
A well-deserved break allowed students to recharge with a nutritious brunch, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among the participants.

Creative Chronicles: 
At the summer camp's calligraphy class, students immersed themselves in the art of elegant lettering. They learned various fonts. Guided by a skilled instructor, Ms. Nikita Ahuja they practised  refining their techniques with each stroke. 

Artistic Odyssey: 
In the creative segment of the camp, students were divided into two subgroups based on their grades:Under the guidance of Ms. Priyanka Sahu, they crafted decorative wall hangings, exploring their artistic talents and as directed by Mr. Ashish Mohan, students engaged in creating P.O.P sculptures, honing their skills in three-dimensional art.

Melodic Medley: 
The final session of the morning focused on music, fostering a blend of vocal and instrumental proficiency:
Music Vocal: Students practised 'sargam' scales, laying the foundation for vocal excellence.
Music Instrumental: Participants worked on trigger movements on the octapad, enhancing their rhythmic skills.

The inauguration day of the Summer Camp at Sharda World School was a vibrant mix of physical activity, artistic expression, and musical training. It provided a platform for students to explore and develop diverse skills, promising an enriching experience throughout the camp.