Morning Exercise 
The day began with a vibrant exercise session, energising the students for the activities ahead. 

Sports Activities 
The students engaged in a variety of sports:
Badminton: Students warmed up and received a demonstration on the correct technique for holding a racket.
Cricket: After a warm-up, the focus was on practising defensive techniques.
Football: The session included a warm-up followed by jogging exercises.
Archery: Students practised bow handling techniques.
Table Tennis: The practice focused on serving techniques and fundamental game knowledge.
Basketball: Students learned the technique of dribbling.

A nutritious brunch break allowed students to recharge for the subsequent activities.

Artistic Odyssey 
Students split into two subgroups for creative art activities:
Students created decorative wall hangings under the guidance of Ms. Priyanka Sahu and crafted P.O.P sculptures with the help of Mr. Ashish Mohan.

Melodic Medley
Music and cooking activities provided a harmonious end to the morning:
Music Vocal: Students practised songs "Iktara" and "Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin."
Music Instrumental: The focus was on practising trigger movements on the octapad.

Creative Chronicles
Flameless Cooking: Students prepared mojitos, sandwiches, and marble cake, showcasing their culinary skills.

Day 2 of the summer camp was a blend of physical activities, artistic expression, and musical practice, ensuring a well-rounded experience for the students at Sharda World School.