May 17, 2024 — In a proactive initiative to empower women and enhance their safety, Sharda World School recently organised a self-defence workshop in collaboration with the Amar Ujala team. The event saw enthusiastic participation from female staff members, female students, and female helping staff.

The workshop aimed to equip participants with essential self-defence techniques, fostering confidence and preparedness in potentially threatening situations. The Amar Ujala team, renowned for their community engagement and educational programs, provided expert trainers who guided the attendees through various defensive strategies.

The session included practical demonstrations and hands-on practice, covering techniques like blocking, escaping holds, and using everyday objects as defensive tools. The trainers also shared valuable tips on situational awareness and risk assessment, emphasising the importance of staying vigilant and proactive.

The initiative aligns with Sharda World School’s ongoing efforts to create a secure and supportive environment for its community. With the Amar Ujala team, the school demonstrated a commitment to the well-being and empowerment of its female members.

As the workshop concluded, there was a unanimous call for more such initiatives, ensuring that self-defence become an integral part of the school’s curriculum.