Grade -IX

Date: January 31

The "Student Spotlight: Chapter Chronicles" activity in grade IX took place on January 31, where students were assigned specific chapters to analyze. The students prepared PowerPoint presentations and delivered lectures on their assigned chapters, engaging in a student-centric class environment. The session included a robust discussion where other students asked relevant questions, making it an interactive learning experience.

Skills Learnt:

Research and Analysis: Students enhanced their research and analytical skills** by delving deep into the content of their assigned chapters.**

Presentation Skills: Through the preparation and delivery of PowerPoint presentations, students honed their presentation skills.

Communication: The interactive class discussion allowed students to articulate and communicate their thoughts effectively.

Critical Thinking: Engaging in chapter analysis and addressing queries required students to think critically about the material.

Collaboration: The student-centric nature of the activity fostered collaboration as students shared knowledge and ideas during the discussions.

Overall, the "Student Spotlight: Chapter Chronicles" activity proved to be a valuable learning experience, promoting a holistic development of research, presentation, communication, critical thinking, and collaborative skills among the grade IX students.