Sharda World School, Agra, recently hosted the CBSE Capacity Building Programme, an induction event aimed at enhancing the professional development of teachers. The programme was organized by Mr. Alok Edward, Principal of Delhi World Public School, Etmadpur, Agra, and Ms. Harsha, a science teacher at Agra Public School, Agra.


The event commenced with a felicitation ceremony where the resource persons, Mr. Edward and Ms. Harsha, were honoured with a bouquet and a five-element platter. Following this, the school advisor, Dr. Garima Yadav, along with Principal Dr. Shiv Kumar Tiwari, Vice Principal Ms. Neena Rathore, and Cambridge Principal Ms. Aarti Khurana, garlanded the Saraswati Maa idol.


First two sessions were headed by Mr. Alok Edward

Mr. Edward began the first session by discussing the NEP mandate on continuous professional development of teachers, emphasizing self-improvement, learning new innovations, and utilizing multiple modes of training, both face-to-face and online. Key points included:Self-improvement strategies,Learning new innovations and advances, Training through multiple modes, Sharing ideas and practices, Practising competency-based education and related pedagogies.

He also highlighted the salient features of the CDP guidelines prepared by NCERT, which include the creation of teacher portfolios and the use of platforms like DIKSHA, SWAYAM, and MOOC for CBSE training.


The second session covered the affiliation process, focusing on the requirements for land size, inclusion of special needs children, and the inclusion of ramps and Braille signs.

Other topics included:Classroom, lab, and library sizes, School Quality Assessment and Assurance Framework (SQAAF),  Minimum quantity of computers (at least 40), Updated OASIS 5.0 for 2024,School safety and the formation of safety committees.


Ms. Harsha conducted the final sessions, providing handouts and discussing the curriculum's importance, objectives, and outcomes. She emphasized the 4Cs (Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity) and the 5Es (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate) of effective teaching.



The CBSE Capacity Building Programme at Sharda World School proved to be a significant step towards enhancing the professional skills of teachers, providing them with valuable insights and practical knowledge for their continuous development.