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Admission Open 2024-25 Nursery to Class 12th

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Our residential facility is based on the principle of creating an environment for stimulating all five elements of every student. The entire schedule of the students is created in such a manner so that they get an opportunity to work on all the elements. Efforts are made to provide an atmosphere where young minds grow, rather than pamper them with luxury. The school has a full-fledged pastoral block. Each child comes under the care and guidance of a house parent. Children live in purpose-built air-conditioned accommodations, in a triple-sharing format from classes 6 to 9 th.

The hostel comprises students from entire India which gives them an opportunity to understand the culture of the entire country from an early age thereby making them more integrated with the culture of the country.

Sharda World School

Dedicated Study Space

There is a common study space for the entire hostel where students complete their self-study under the supervision of their respective house parents. We ensure that the entire self-study is completed in a specific slot allocated for a day so that they have enough time to participate in extracurricular activities.

Cafeteria with Ayurvedic Diet

At Sharda World School we ensure that the health of every student is at its best. Our mess plays a key role in this. We follow these steps for defining the diet of a particular student.

  • Each student goes through a critical examination where their emotional, mental, physical, and behavioral characteristics are analyzed.
  • Once the analysis and checkup are done, a customized diet plan is prepared by an expert nutritionist for each individual separately, based on the dosha and their particular needs.
  • Food is served to each student five times a day (breakfast, fruit break, lunch, evening snack and dinner) which is different for each child.
  • Regular checkups are done to monitor the child’s growth and progress and meal plans. Are changed accordingly time-to-time, if need be. Allergies and specific instructions for each child are taken care of.

Our mess in charge ensures that every student is getting their respective diet thereby ensuring all the doshas are in check. Enabling them to be the best version of themselves.

Sharda World School

Evening Activity

The evening activities are mandatory for all students. All the activities are designed in such a manner that every student gets a complete workout on a daily basis. Not only on a physical level but also on a physiological level. We constantly try to make sure they are moving out of their comfort level and are able to face their fear. It varies from a simple jog to something extreme as wall climbing get rid of deeply embedded fear.

The sports facility is available to the student at designated slots which they can use by pre-booking them from the sports facility in charge.

Sharda World School


The school laundry house is monitored by the warden along with the housekeepers. The boarders follow the laundry schedule. Laundry is handled by the housekeepers and the boarders are expected to deposit the clothes for washing as per the schedule.

The barber is provided once every month. The parents must ensure that the student reports back to the school after the vacation with a proper haircut. Boys are not allowed to have long hair.

Sharda World School


At Sharda World School we ensure that our boarders are completing at least one trip every month. Since they spend a lot of time on campus we ensure that they are moving out and exploring other areas. The sites are usually historical places so that they can experience the history of the nation. This is followed by a report from every student which ensures that all students are attentive while on the trip and are absorbing something from every trip.

Sharda World School

Birthday Celebration

The first Sunday of each month is reserved for the birthday celebration for the boarders whose birthday falls in that month. The warden organizes the celebration to make it a moment of treasure.

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