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Extra Curriculum

Sharda World School

Extra Curriculum

At Sharda World School, we encourage the creation, appreciation, and understanding of the Performing Arts. We seek to nurture a vibrant and integrated arts community across our campuses and divisions, foster artistic excellence, and provide a platform for powerful shared experiences that inspire a creative exchange of ideas in order to be the best for the world.


In order to ensure that our students are fully prepared to decipher any solution using the complete capacity of their creative minds, we put a lot of stress on igniting the creative passion among our students. Art plays a significant role in uplifting the creative side of students as art has always been the best means via which one can instigate artistry among young minds. Consequently, we have created a schedule and a separate Art Lab, which helps in achieving this goal. Here, students can spend considerable time bringing out their creativity on the canvas.


Dance is a serious and independent discipline with special characteristics fostering many kinds of learning. From mental to physical, it bolsters the active health of every child. It also has great cognitive and transfer-of-learning potential. Dance classes at Sharda World School are conducted in a separate Dance lab which allows them to imbibe the values and skills of creativity, problem-solving, risk-taking, higher-order thinking skills, and making good judgments in an isolated environment. These skills are presented on stage throughout the school on different occasions during Cultural Conventions.


Music is a universal language, and at Sharda World School, we speak it very fluently. In their early years, students can experiment with musical instruments and explore musical elements such as pitch, volume, and timbre in the fun environment of our Music lab. This forms a base for further development in middle school, where students can select from the band, strings, and vocal classes while also participating in concerts throughout the year.


Children and sports are a natural combination. Being part of an athletic team is criticalto the growth and development of every child. As athletes, children develop keycharacter traits, including commitment, responsibility, perseverance, cooperation,leadership, and sportsmanship. Apart from this, it also contributes to the physicaldevelopment enhancement which is required in the early stages of life.

Keeping the above-mentioned characteristics in mind, Sharda World School is committed to offering all students opportunities to participate in various physical activities and competitive sports guided by its Core Values of the 5 elements of life.

The challenging and rigorous experience of sports is essential for building the mindset for success. Since our pedagogy considers this an extension of the student's learning experience, we try to involve them in at least one sports activity that is available on campus by strategically placing them in the curriculum. SWS is proud of its outstanding athletic program because when everyone plays, everyone succeeds!

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