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Why Choose Us

Sharda World School

Our learning philosophy

Our learning philosophy is based on the principle of Panchamahabhutas or the 5 elements of nature – Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Space. The Human body is also made of these 5 elements in different proportions – 72% Water, 12% Earth, 6% Air, 4% Fire, and the rest is Space. Our pedagogy is designed in such a manner that apart from gathering knowledge, our students are able to harmonize themselves with these elements.

When children enter the folds of SWS, they are received by the element of Water, and as they get nurtured and groomed through the Foundation, Preparatory, Middle, and High School years, they pass through the elements of Earth, Air, Space, and Fire through abundant opportunities to explore new concepts, analyze the relationships between different subjects/topics/questions, connect the dots, learn problem-solving, design solutions and build critical thinking, predict the outcomes and take action of executing and implementing innovative ideas. The teaching pedagogy is based on peer-to-peer learning rather than creating a competitive environment in the classroom. The whole objective is to create a collaborative learning space where the child is made curious to ask questions and learn from the teacher and their fellow classmates.

Sharda World School

Our Experience in the education sector

With the core ideology of nation-building and nurturing brilliant brains, Sharda Group has been a driving force in the education sector for 25 years. It holds the honor of starting the first private engineering college in UP and the first independent private university in Uzbekistan. It has been phenomenally successful in establishing benchmarks in academic excellence and holistic grooming of students, to meet the career challenges in increasingly globalized economic market conditions. With the same enthusiasm and a vision to change primary & secondary education, the group is starting the new venture of Sharda World School.

Sharda World School

Alignment with the New Education Policy

Sharda World School is one of the first new schools in India to be aligned with PM's vision of transforming the Indian education system by implementing the New Education Policy 2020. Following are the key features of the Schools' effort to implement the policy

  • Student to teacher ratio 1:25
  • Ayurvedic Diet
  • Storytelling pedagogy
  • World Class infrastructure for collaborative learning
  • Foreign Faculty
  • Peer to peer learning environment
  • Finland education partner
  • Guest Speaking Industry visit and Workshops
  • Project-based learning