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CBSE Affiliation No: 2133937 | School No: 61564

Mission Vision Core Values


Our vision is to raise exemplary students and leaders who can inspire and innovate to help grow their communities.

Sharda World School
Sharda World School


Our mission is to foster honest, collaborative, and empathetic leaders that excel and realize their potential. We aim to provide a safe, secure, holistic, and nurturing Space that inspires students to become independent, capable and global citizens.

Core Values

Rooted in the value of community, empathy means giving back and consistently finding a higher purpose to serve. It also means creating a space that helps students and teachers understand each other's needs better. It signifies a culture of care that promotes thoughtfulness and togetherness. What does this look like:
  • Space for a peer-to-peer learning environment that guarantees support and growth.
  • Ensuring there is no sense of entitlement or privilege.
  • Enabling and empowering teachers to help resolve conflicts and mitigate harsh decisions.

A safe space that inculcates the spirit of community through which collaboration is possible. Master the strength, balance, and creativity that can help students and teachers learn through cooperative efforts and synergy. What does this look like:
  • Creating a space for both teachers and students to be able to experiment with new and different ideas.
  • Ensuring various perspectives are taken into consideration.
  • A healthy scope for disagreement.
  • Enabling contribution and creative solutions to problems.
  • Setting boundaries for what is exemplary standard and reducing chances of mediocrity.

We believe in cultivating a culture of genuine sincerity, trust, and collaboration at all levels through value-based leadership.
  • Governance We embark on a value-based approach across all our actions.
  • Leadership Development Fostering value-based leadership among faculty members, students, and staff in all their actions.

Ability to realize the greater good in our actions and to look at our work and ourselves holistically.
  • Ethical Standards In all we do, we apply and expect the highest personal, professional, and ethical standards. We believe in acting with honesty, courage, and trust.
  • Transparency and Fairness
  • Collectively and individually, we act with transparency, consistency, and fairness.