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Skills training

When a student enters their school life journey, it is as essential for them to develop soft, social, cognitive, digital, and technical skills as important it is for them to learn the academic subjects. SWS focuses not only on the classical subject areas but also on the overall development of a child from an early age. Our skills training program is derived from our Academic Philosophy that covers over 35 different skill sets across different age groups that help students develop a unique personality of their own.

The SWS Skill Training Bouquet consists of 5 sets of skill development programs ranging from soft skills like conversational skills, time management skills, logical thinking skills to hard skills like 3D printing, blockchain, coding, VFX, share market trading, and much more.

SWS has introduced the skills development program coming out of the Academic Philosophy that aims to incorporate the 5 essential elements of life in a child’s overall growth - Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Space. Here is how our Skill Training Bouquet integrates these five elements successfully –


All basic and essential skills that a child should imbibe from as early on as possible will fall under the Water element category. The water symbolizes patience, wisdom, and emotions which are traits that help an individual kickstart their life journey. We aim to provide our students with the chance to absorb these traits from a tender age where shaping skills is more manageable. The skills in this element include but are not restricted to voice and fluency, writing skills, conversational skills, stage and creative performance, reading foundation, active listening, attention, memory, and language and focus on children aged 3 years to 8 years old.


The second element, Earth, constitutes overall personality development skills that help children aged 8 years to 11 years throughout their lives as it symbolizes stability, rationality, ground, and the foundation of life. The age of 8 years to 11 years is an age when children are at their highest energy levels, and channeling it in the right direction is of utmost importance. For the same, SWS aims to conduct skills development programs consisting of an end-to-end personality developing skill training session, all social skills including stress management, all cognitive skills like decision making, problem-solving, and analytical skills, and at last, three very important digital skills – Microsoft Office, PowerPoint Presentation and YouTubing.


The Air element symbolizes mental intention, intellect, judgment, and a solid universal life force connection. The skills associated with this element focus on children aged 11 years to14 years, an age group that comes with a lot of questions about life, disagreement with the existing norms, and the perseverance to make a change. Hence, they are taught all the skills that provide children with an opportunity to explore various segments of life, academics and themselves. In this segment, children receive an all-around training on social skills, personality development skills, cognitive skills, plus digital skills, including but not restricted to coding, blogging, and e-mail writing, and technical skills like VFX/animation and share market trading.


Last but not least, the Fire element is the symbol of passion, enthusiasm, sheer determination, and spirited strength. The Fire element emphasizes the senior-most age group of students in the school – 14 years to 18 years old. This particular age group is the one that wishes to make their own decisions, dares to dream big, and holds the strength to make their dreams come true. To support our students in their journey of blossoming into successful individuals, SWS provides them with a precise plan of action consisting of over 35 end-to-end personality development, social, cognitive, digital, and technical skills that enrich their progressive school experience and growth.


All the skills imbibed and acquired in the phases of Water, Earth, Air and Fire come together to form the Space element and hangs on with the student throughout their lives. The post- schooling phase is defined by Space as it symbolizes limitless opportunities, expansion and enhancement. When a child utilizes all the skills acquired in the above phases once they graduate from school, the knowledge and awareness is used to understand complex and creative ideas in the outside world. The Space element positively influences the child’s mind and heart to take the right life decisions thereafter.

As per NEP 2020 Modified New padagogical & curriculum restructuring of School Education 5+3+3+4

    Foundational Preparatory Middle  Secondary
    Age 3 to 8 Age 8 to 11 Age 11 to 14 Age 14 to 18
    Age 3 to 6 Age 7 & 8 3 3 4
    Pre School Class 1 & 2 Clas 3 to 5 Class 6 to 8 Class 9 to 12
S.No. Skills          
A Personality Development Skills          
Story Telling- Public Speaking Y   Y Y Y
Creative writing   Y Y Y Y
Voice and fluency Y Y Y Y Y
Writing Skills    Y Y Y Y
Conversational skills  Y Y Y Y Y
Handwriting improvement   Y Y Y Y
Grammar and vocabulary   Y Y Y Y
Stage performnace  Y Y Y Y Y
Creative Performance   Y Y Y Y
Story writing    Y Y Y Y
Mastering English Speaking     Y Y Y
Poetry Recitation  Y Y Y Y Y
Reading Foundation Y Y Y Y Y
B Social  / Life Skills          
Active Listening Y Y Y Y Y
Time Management Y Y Y Y Y
Stress Management     Y Y Y
Collaboration and team Skills Y Y Y Y Y
Social and Emotional Skills  Y Y Y Y Y
Conflict Management Skills     Y Y Y
C Cognitive/ Analytical Skills          
Consciousness     Y Y Y
Attention/awareness Y Y Y Y Y
Memory Y Y Y Y Y
Language  Y Y Y Y Y
Analytical Skills   Y Y Y Y
Decision Making   Y Y Y Y
Logical and critical thinking     Y Y Y
Decision Making     Y Y Y
Problem solving skills    Y Y Y Y
Mental Maths and number crunching skills   Y Y Y Y
D Digital Skills          
Microsoft Office   Y Y Y Y
Power Point Presentation   Y Y Y Y
3 D Printing     Y    
Blockchain         Y
Coding     Y Y Y
Blogging       Y Y
Youtuber       Y Y
Email writing    Y Y Y Y
E Technical Skills          
VFX and Animation        Y Y
Basics of share market and trading       Y Y

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